Photo - Peter Lindstrom , Visit Greenland
photo - Crispin Rodwell, Visit Greenland
Photo - Dan B. Kristensen, Visit Greenland
Whale Art by Aka HA~¸egh, Qaqortoq. Photo - Peter Lindstrom , Visit Greenland
Photo - Reinhard Pantke , Visit Greenland
Photo - Peter Lindstrom , Visit Greenland
Photo - Camilla Hylleberg, Visit Greenland
Adam Lyberth, Visit Greenland

Greenlandic Adventures

We are very excited to be teamed up with Ole Skifte, our partner in Greenland. Ole is a very experienced west Greenlandic outfitter, hunter and gatherer with unequaled knowledge and wisdom on life in the high Arctic. Greenland is literally the last great wilderness frontier, what the Canadian Arctic and Alaska used to be 50 years ago! With Ole's guidance we will expolre all that Greenland has to offer.

Including “must do adventures” that very few non-Greenlanders have ever experienced, definitely not commercialized nor exploited. We will be offering a variety of fantastic “Out of this World Adventures” including fly fishing for Arctic Char, big game hunting for Caribou and Musk-ox, small game hunting for Ptarmigan, Eider ducks, Arctic fox and polar hare. Contact Indrek today to reserve a spot.

We have opened our bookings for Greenland for this summer of 2022! Click here to receive more information. We have 3 months of adventures planned with promotional hosted trips at the end of August. Don't miss out, contact us today!

9673 Route 19, Houghton, NY 14744
(716) 698-0845

Ole Skifte