Greenlandic Adventures

Greenland Caribou Hunts

Limited dates for late summer of 2022 with good weather and good trophies still availbale. Hunters would need to fly Icelandair to Nuuk Greenland. For the return hunters would book their return flight back home but at their own expense stay a night in Nuuk, do some local tours and then fly back the following morning. To hunt Caribou they will need to be in pretty good physical condition as they will be starting their hunt every morning from camp at sea level and climbing to get into caribou.

The Greenland Caribou is the Eurasian Reindeer (Cervidae)is the same family as the North American Caribou (Rangifer Tarandus), is the most widely distributed mammal in the Arctic. Large males, weighing upwards of 500 lbs. Ole Skifte, outfitter/guide, is a native Greenlander, who brings along a lifetime of experience in the hunting in Greenland.

To visit in Greenland US or CDN citizens need only a passport, no visa is required. Hunters wishing to bring their own guns must fill out a import permit which Ole will provide along with your licenses and permits to hunt Caribou. Hunters also need a current hunting license and hunters safety certificate.

Booking now for 2024 Trip Dates: Season August to October. Call or email us today for availability!

These caribou hunts can be tailored to your needs, 2 hunters per one guide. A typical hunt involves glassing for the caribou with shots ranging out to 300 yds. Add-ons include Ptarmigan, Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox and Seal hunts. Hunter require a moderate level of fitness to hike hilly and rocky terrian at low to medium high elevations from just above sea level.

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