Homosassa Tarpon Fly Fishing Tackle and Flies

"Florida currently holds 29 world records for tarpon. Of these records, all of the major fly fishing records have been caught off of Florida's central west coast in the Homosassa area."

Fly fishing for tarpon is one of the most thrilling and exciting angling experiences any fisherman could ever hope for. Poling across skinny water, casting to the daisy chain, bowing to the leaping silver king...these are words and phrases that the angler associates with the heart thumping adrenaline rush of chasing tarpon on the fly.

Earl's secret to catching tarpon is in the fly.. "The fly should be the first thing a tarpon encounters when he approaches you. Not the leader, not the fly line nor backing (for you long casters), not your rod nor the boat you are in. Feeding them the wrong fly can turn great expectations into disappointment. I have fished just about every place that tarpon are known to exist, especially tarpon that are over 100 pounds. Using many patterns and colors, I have narrowed down my choice of only one design in several different colors with the only variation in hook and fly size. The fly has become very specialized to tie and I have them made for me."

Finally, make sure you bring a minimum 12 wt. rod, 300yds of #30 backing on a reel that won't burn up during the heat of the battle. The battle that on average lasts an hour and a half.

send email for more information or booking: info@tarponflywater.com

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