Chassahowitzka - Homosassa - Crystal River Tarpon

The Tarpon flats stretch both 50 miles north and 50 miles south of Homosassa River. Included are the world famous Tarpon flats of Chassahowitzka, Homosassa and Crystal River, all accessible.

The flats off of Homosassa offer the serious fly fisher the best opportunity to land a world record Tarpon. Billy Pate was the first, landing a 188lb beast on a 16lb tippet in 1982. Jim Holland Jr. on May 11, 2001 boated a 202lb 8oz monster on 20 lb tippet. On May 13, 2003 Tom Evans caught the current world record, a 190.6lb Tarpon also on a 16lb tippet. A new world record was set May 10, 2010 by Tom Evans, his second in the past seven years, 194.1 lbs on 12 lb tippet.

Billy Pate - 188lb  16 lb tippet  Homosassa  Jim Holland Jr. - May 11, 2001 202lb 8oz - 20 lb tippet Chassahowitzka  Tom Evans - May 13, 2003  190.6 lb  16 lb tippet  Homosassa  Tom Evans - May 10, 2010 194.1 lb 12lb tippet Homosassa
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