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"The scenic Georgian Bay Archipelago is one of the world's natural wonders with over 30,000 islands stretching from Honey Harbour to the French River!"

Muskellunge, Northern Pike, Large and Smallmouth Bass along with Walleye abound among the thousands of small islands, shoals and locations that include Blackstone Harbour, Woods Bay and Dallas Rapids to name a few. Georgian Bay offers many opportunities for adventure, wildlife viewing and exceptional sportfishing.


Georgian Bay is famous for its huge elusive muskies topping the scales at 50 lbs and plenty of large pike to make your arms fall off. Since 1984, your guide Indrek Kongats, has applied his trade on these waters and knows every musky lair.

You'll be fishing from his 18' customized Grizzly Tracker equipped with a tiller operated 70hp Suzuki four stroke outboard to get you from spot to spot quickly. Your comfort and safety is the key to a memorable trip. His Grizzly is designed and laid out specificaly for Musky fly fishing on Georgian Bay waters but works equally well for non-fly fishers who prefer casting or trolling with regular tackle.

Fly fishing for musky it's all about the strike. The strike is unforgettable! Indrek's own hand tied "Northern Tiger" musky flies are the ticket for catching big muskies and pike on the fly rod. Rain or shine these fish are furious eaters but will hammer your fly whether they're hungry or not, day and night.

Everyday a new area is fished. The beautiful Georgian Bay scenery will mesmerize you. Sleep soundly in comfortable tent cabins and enjoy all the food you can eat. This is an old fashioned fishing experience practising modern day sustainable catch and release.


Our season starts May 1st and runs through to November 30th. The huge advantage of our backcountry camps is that regardless of the season your are always where the action is. In the spring post spawning bays and inlets and in peak summer and fall deeper open water feeding zones. Morning top water action to the late afternoon bite is all at your door step and you are not fishing on the clock! But don't forget those relaxing afternoon naps after lunch!


Backcountry Accommodations are in a boat to safari style camp set up on the shores of Georgian Bay. Roomy wall tents for anglers are equipped with comfortable oversized cots, rugs, tables and chairs. Meals are served in a separate dining and kitchen tent.


Breakfast, lunch and supper are all included. Beginning with a hot and healthy breakfast that will carry you right through to a tasty pan fried shore lunch served back at the camp. At the end the day sit down to a rewarding full course meal that will range from steaks and chicken grilled over hot charcoals to mouth watering 100% Angus beef burgers. Refreshments of alcoholic beverages of wine or beer must be picked up in town before arriving to camp.


Flexible - Minimum 3 days to a Maximum 7 days or any number in between

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All fly fishing and regular tackle is provided. Fly fishers who prefer to use their own gear should bring along a couple of fly rods from 8-10 weights, single handed versions.

A quality reel with a smooth drag system is a must as is several hundred yards of 30 lb backing.

Intermediate to fast sinking shooting heads are the norm but floating lines can be used during evening to present a killer mouse on the surface.

8" Single Strand Wire Leaders, Mono Leaders and tippets range from 3' to 12' with a breaking strength of 12 lbs to 25 lbs.

A rain coat, multiple layers for cold and windy days add to the anglers comfort and make for enjoyable long days on the water and protection against the elements.

Biting bugs in the late part of the season can be few and far between but pack some insect repellent.

An inflatable fly vest or suspenders are a good substitute to a bulky life jacket and should be worn at all times on the water.

Personal gear is up to you but you'll need a sleeping bag good to minus 15 degrees Celsius.

All flies and tippet material are provided by your guide but visit our fly shop.

2024 RATES

Guided Backcountry Trip - $800.00 USD per day.

Additional days are $750 USD per day with maximum two rods per trip.

3 Day Trip - $2,295.00 USD maximum two anglers sharing tent and guide.

7 Day Trip - $4,995.00 USD maximum two anglers sharing tent and guide.

Not included - alcohol and tips.

Rates are subject to change without notice.


The following applies to all trips booked and organized by Breakaway Classic Adventures:

50% deposit per rod of the total package cost for each trip is due at time of booking to secure the trip reservation.

Full payment is due 60 days prior to departure and start of trip.


Trip packages are non-refundable, it is highly recommended that you purchase trip insurance in the event that you have to cancel, for any reason.