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Felix Eljas Collection

Felix Eljas was born in Estonia at the turn of the 20th century and immigrated to Canada in the early 50ís. He settled with his family in Parry Sound, Ontario and opened a seasonal fishing and family resort on Horseshoe Lake. During the cold winter months when the guests had left Felix was busy in his work shop building boats, furniture and produced a magnificent collection of wood turnings in the fifties and sixties before passing away at an early age of 72. His bowls made from burls are his legacy. Encountered while wandering his 100 acre woods each burl is hand selected, rough hewn and dried for several years before giving them their final shapes.

Each piece is an original, no copies or duplications, many exhibiting a living edge which he pioneered and quickly became his signature trademark design.

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Living Edge Large Bowl
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Product Details - One Off Wood Turning by Felix Eljas
Dimensions: 8" x 5

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