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Indrek Kongats
Your personal host/guide and
instructor at the
Canadian Fly Fishing Schools

Casting Instruction on the Fly

Learning to properly cast a fly line is the ultimate feeling of satisfaction. Fly casting is graceful, challenging and exciting, even if you are not in pursuit of a trophy trout or world record tarpon. Seeing your fly line smoothly unfold in front of you and your fly landing precisely where you wanted it, is the ultimate test of your newly learnt skill. I offer a customized one on one learning opportunity or groups up to 6 people, any age, be it a family, company team building or for a simple opportunity for you to breakaway from a hectic life to clear your mind.

All lessons take place on solid ground and on a still pond, you can't learn with the distraction of moving water, that comes later and offered through our fly fishing schools. You will learn all about the tackle required, how to select and assemble your equipment, how to tie basic but effective flies for any game fish.

You will learn to use a single handed rod to make roll casts, overhead casts and single and double hauls for distance casts. Lessons begin at $60/hour for individuals and $45/hour for groups up to 6 individuals regardless of age. If you wish to learn in your own back yard then travel time is added at the appropriate hourly rate. Call today, lessons can take place here in Ellicottville, NY or anywhere in Western New York.

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Ekaluk River Camp Canadian Fly Fishing School

Have you ever yearned to master the art of fly fishing, not just casting but everything that goes along with catching a fish on a fly rod? We offer a customized one on one learning opportunity without pressure and critical on-lookers you can go from novice to expert in short time. Your options are endless, you can experience your ultimate fly fishing trip, present your fly to your ultimate game fish and have bragging rights afterwards.

All trips take place in Canada, from Newfoundland to British Columbia to high above the Arctic Circle. You can choose from Canada's native Brook Trout, Atlantic Salmon, Pacific Steelhead or Arctic Char. You will learn all about the tackle required, how to select and assemble your equipment, how to tie specific flies for the game fish that you are after. You will learn to fish from a rivers bank, wading a pool and casting from a boat.

You can learn to use either a single or a two handed spey rod or even learn both. Trips are 100% customized to your personal needs and abilities. Imagine standing on the banks of a river made famous by Lee Wulff and Curt Gowdy or cast into the same pool as a US President or a Royal Nobleman.

"Canada offers some of the best truly wild fly fishing opportunities in the world. The Canadian equivalent of the Saltwater Grand Slam is catching a wild Atlantic Salmon, a wild Pacific Steelhead and a wild Arctic Char. Unlike the saltwater version were one would target a Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit all in one trip our Canadian version requires travel from the east coast to the west coast and then to our north coast. You will be fly fishing for three unique species of migratory fish entering freshwater rivers from three different oceans, the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic, no other place on earth offers such an opportunity."

For your ultimate adventure go Fly Fishing with Personalized Instruction in Quest of a Canadian Grand Slam.

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Steelhead Fly Fishing School
The Steelhead Fly Fishing School’s mission is to teach philosophies and techniques to students in the art of fly fishing for Steelhead.

Fly fishing for Steelhead is challenging therefore extremely rewarding once a fish has been landed. Our goal at the school is to teach traditional and true fly fishing techniques to catch Steelhead. The challenge of catching Steelhead is in using techniques and equipment unique to the sport of fly fishing.

For the beginner fly fisherman or for a good start to the season join us for two days at our Steelhead Fly Fishing School.

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