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Breakaway Classic Adventures, , since 1984, has been offering the World Fly Fisherman the finest opportunities to catch Arctic Char under a variety of conditions and methods. After years of research and first hand experiences, we have selected 2 of the best Arctic Char opportunities in two uniquely different regions of the Canadian Arctic; Ungava Bay in Nunavik, the northern sub-Arctic region of Québec and Victoria Island in Nunavut, the western and more northern Arctic region, 300 miles above the Arctic Circle.

Due to the remoteness of the region we have partnered up with two excellent established outfitters who have been operating for many seasons and offer the best possible service, hospitality and fly fishing opportunities for both the novice and seasoned fly fisherman. The Arctic experience is unequalled in both scenery and quantities of fish hooked and landed but to insure the sustainability of this fragile environment strict conservation practices are in place including a catch and release policy for fish not consumed during time at camp. Select your river below and read more!

Ungava Ungava Bay, Nunavik, Québec, Canada
Here is an unparalleled fly fishing trip to Ungava Bay – Nunavik. Experience the beautiful autumn foliage on the tundra, the colourful auroras borealis and fly fishing for the Ungava’s big red Arctic char.

Fly Fishing season begins mid August to mid September

Nunavik Victoria Island, Nunavut, Canada
High Arctic Lodge is 300 miles above the Arctic Circle on Victoria Island in Canada's western Arctic. These Char are in full spawning colours and fly fishing for Arctic Char is spectacular.

Fly Fishing season begins mid August to mid September

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