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Breakaway Classic Adventures, , since 1984, has been offering the World Fly Fisherman the finest opportunities to catch Atlantic Salmon under a variety of conditions and methods. After years of research and first hand experiences, we have selected 3 of the best Atlantic Salmon Rivers in two uniquely different regions of Québec, Canada; Côte-Nord on the north shore and the Gaspé Peninsula.

As an experienced and seasoned fly fisherman you might like to take on the challenge of catching truly wild and powerful first run Atlantic Salmon on the Moisie and Restigouche Rivers or if you are just starting out, turn our guided trip on the beautiful Trinité River into a learning experience where we'll provide you with casting instrustion plus all of the proper fly fishing gear to tackle the elusive Atlantic Salmon with single handed rods, fishing wet and dry flies while wading the river. Select your river below and read more!

Restigouche Restigouche River, Matapédia, Québec, Canada
The Restigouche River is the world premier salmon river on the Gaspé peninsula, fished by many royals, presidents and celebrities. Forming a portion of the border between Quebec and New Brunswick, salmon of 40, 50, and even 60 pounds come to the fly of the fortunate angler. The first eight kilometers of the river offer public access. The rest of the river is private. Fly fishing for Atlantic salmon wading and from a traditional 26' Sharpe canoe.

Spring season begins on April 15th and runs through to May 31.

Moisie  Moisie River, Sept-Îles, Québec, Canada
The Moise River is the noted for it's very large wild salmon it is one of the best salmon rivers in all of eastern North America, producing salmon renowned for their impressive size, strength and combativeness. Fly fishing for Atlantic salmon extends 19 kilometres from the mouth of the river to the upstream boundary of the Winthrop-Campbell sector. All fishing is done from a classic 26'salmon canoe.

Spring season May 25th to June 30th

Trinite Trinité River, Baie Trinité, Québec, Canada
The Trinité is typical of rivers on the Côte-Nord, with an upstream portion that flows slowly through shallow pools among scattered boulders and a steeper downstream portion that has a considerably higher flow rate. There are a total of 67 pools under 30 metres long, distributed in two sectors – one limited-access sector and one open-access. Only wade fishing is allowed.

Season June 1st - September 31st

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