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Côte-Nord, Québec, Canada

"The Moisie River is considered one of the most important rivers for Atlantic salmon in North America.
The river’s modern name Moisie, meaning “marshy banks,” was given by French explorers. The native Innu however call the River Mish-te-shipu, or “great river.” For centuries, it was one of the main waterways the Innu used to reach their wilderness hunting, fishing and trapping territories in Northern Québec.
The Moisie is one of the biggest wild rivers in the province of Québec. It boasts a significant population of large Atlantic salmon weighing 7 kg (15 pounds) on average."
Destination Sept-Îles Nakauinanu.


The Moisie River, Sept-Îles, Québec, Canada is the noted for it's very large wild salmon it is one of the best salmon rivers in all of North America, producing salmon renowned for their impressive size, strength and combativeness. Fly fishing for Atlantic salmon on public water extends 19 kilometres from the mouth of the river to the upstream boundary of the Winthrop-Campbell sector. Fly fishing is done mostly form a classic 26' salmon river canoe with some wading in certain sections.

SEASON: The spring season begins at the end of May and runs through to the end of June. Large and explosive salmon enter the river late May and early June, a few anglers fish for them. Late spring is the best time to catch the largest salmon of the season. Kelts are falling back and can be hooked as well but this trip is targeting the largest of the fresh fish entering the river.

TRIP INCLUDES: Daily River Permits, Accommodations, Meals, QC Salmon C&R Fly Fishing License, Airport Shuttle from Sept-Îles, QC and Guided Fly Fishing for both Single Handed and Spey Rods. Fishing is done from within the River Canoe and from shore wherever possible. Fly Fishing Equipment and Instruction included. Experience Level - Novice to Seasoned. Catch Rating - Difficult. Trophy Potential - Excellent. Reality Check - This is a no nonsense blue collar quest for a once in a life-time fish, don't expect to get pampered, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work hard, no sitting in comfy chairs and snoozing off in the middle of the river!

LODGING: Accommodations are in a drive to riverside cabin on the banks of the Moisie Rivier with a short walk down to our classic 26' salmon river canoe. Private bedrooms for each angler just off the dining area and kitchen where all meals are prepared and served.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included. Beginning with a hot and healthy breakfast that will carry you right through to lunch served back at the cabin. At the end the day sit down to a rewarding full course meal that will range from grade A steaks, fresh lobsters to mouth watering 100% angus beef burgers. Refreshments of alcoholic beverages of wine or beer can be picked up in town just a sort 15 minute drive away.

TRIP LENGTH: Flexible - Minimum 3 days to a Maximum 7 days or any number in between

Moisie River Gallery


• Bring along a few fly rods from 8-10 weights both in single handed versions and 13’- 15’ spey rods.

• A quality reel with a smooth drag system is a must as is several hundred yards of 30 lb backing.

• Floating lines are the norm but when the water is high early in the season sink tips of varying densities can be used.

• Leaders and tippets range from 3' to 12' with a breaking strength of 10 lbs to 20 lbs.

• Good quality waders with boat friendly soles (no studs allowed).

• A rain coat, multiple layers for cold and windy days add to the anglers comfort and make for enjoyable long days on the water and protection against the elements.

• Don’t worry about biting bugs in the early part of the season, there aren't any, but do pack some insect repellent if we get an unusually warm spring.

• An inflatable fly vest or suspenders are a good substitute to a bulky life jacket and should be worn at all times on the water.

• Personal gear is up to you but you'll need a sleeping bag good to minus 5 degrees Celsius.

• All flies and tippet material are provided by your guide but visit our fly shop:

for specific Moisie River Atlantic Salmon flies if you prefer to purchase your own.


• 3 Day Moisie River Trip - $2599.00 USD first rod, additional days at $795.00 USD.

• An additional rod is $795.00 USD per day with maximum two rods per trip.

• 7 Day Moisie River Trip - $5779.00 USD for the first rod and $5565.00 for a second rod sharing cabin and guide.

• Not included - alcohol and tips.

• Rates are subject to change without notice.


The following applies to all trips booked and organized by Breakaway Classic Adventures:

50% deposit per rod of the total package cost for each trip is due at time of booking to secure the trip reservation.

Full payment is due 60 days prior to departure and start of trip.


Trip packages are non-refundable, it is highly recommended that you purchase trip insurance in the event that you have to cancel, for any reason.


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