Canadian Fly Fishing School
Canadian Fly Fishing School
Canadian Fly Fishing School

Canadian Fly Fishing School
Fly Fishing with Personalized Instruction in Quest of a Canadian Grand Slam

"Canada offers some of the best truly wild fly fishing opportunities in the world. The Canadian equivalent of the Saltwater Grand Slam is catching a wild Atlantic Salmon, a wild Pacific Steelhead and a wild Arctic Char. Unlike the saltwater version were one would target a Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit all in one trip our Canadian version requires travel from the east coast to the west coast and then to our north coast. You will be fly fishing for three unique species of migratory fish entering freshwater rivers from three different oceans, the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic, no other place on earth offers such an opportunity."



We have teamed up with three of the best Canadian Outfitters, each specializing in one species only! In the East you will be fishing the Restigouche and Matapedia Rivers and staying with Pete Dupé at Camp Matapédia. In the West you will be fishing the Babine River and staying with Billy Labonte and Carrie Collingwood at the Norlakes Steelhead Camp. Finally well above the Arctic Circle in the true Canadian North you will be fishing the Ekaluk River and staying with Bill and Jessie Lyall at Camp Ekaluk managed by Master Guide, Jack Elofsson.

To complete your quest you will be accompanied by Indrek who will host, guide, instruct and document your historic, once in a life time adventure. Your goal will be to attempt to hook and land each of the three species, Atlantic Salmon, Pacific Steelhead and Arctic Char. These three locations offer not only the best opportunity to do so but to possibly join an exclusive and small group of anglers that have not only completed this quest but have done so in style, hooking and landing a salmon over 30 lbs, a steelhead over 20 lbs and an char over 15lbs. This group of anglers belong to the '15-20-30' Club. When and if you join this select group of fly fishing elite you will receive a plaque, on an original piece of art work commissioned from noted artist Morten Fadum, listing your accomplishments.


You will tackle your Atlantic Salmon first as it is the earliest and longest season, starting in May and running through September. Next is a shortest season, a small two week long window of opportunity to catch your Arctic Char as you head up to the Arctic Circle the first of September. Finally you will hit the Babine River in October at the peak of the Steelhead run. This quest can be attempted in one, two or three years but no longer as arrangements and bookings will require advanced reservations as much as three years to get the best dates.


Local connecting flights to and from lodges, accommodations and meals, catch and release licenses, guided fly fishing, casting and fishing instruction for both single handed and spey rods, complete booking and reservations, a detailed itinerary and timeline, plus all participants will receive a ‘Canadian Fly Fishing’ t-shirt, an edited video and a your own coffee table book depicting your adventure for others to see.

LODGING: Accommodations are at the three individual camps and will vary due to accessibility and remoteness, all unique in their own way but with the absolute comfort of the angler in mind.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES:All meals are planned to sustain you on your quest and to satisfy the hungriest appetite. Special dietary request can and will be accommodated to the best of the individual camps abilities.

TRIP LENGTH: Approximately 6 days and 7 nights, the exact length might vary from camp to camp so anglers can meet their connecting flights home.


Each species will require a different set of rods and reels. All equipment will be provided but if you wish to use your own you will want to bring a few rods for each trip. By having rods pre rigged you can quickly adapt to situation changes without losing fishing time.

• For Atlantic Salmon fly fishing on the Restigouche and Matapedia rivers you'll want a 13'-15' spey rods in the 10 and 11 wt class, additionally an 8-9 wt single handed rod. The rivers are wide and most of the fishing is from a specialized river boat.

• Arctic Char fly fishing will also require spey rods not necessarily to cast great distances but rather to fight wind and probably the most powerful fish you'll ever hook pound for pound. Spey rod wts of 8-9 in the 13' length and a 10' 7-8 wt will also get a lot of use.

•Finally Babine Steelhead will also require spey rods in the 8-10 wt class and 13'-15' in length. Remember the longer the rod the easier to control the fish and land it quickly. Both Char and Steelhead will be fished while wading.

• A quality reel with a smooth drag system is a must for all three species as is several hundred yards of 30 lb backing.

• A full guiver of shooting heads, sinking, intermediate and floating lines will all be used in different scenarios.

• Leaders and tippets range from 3' to 12' with a breaking strength of 6 lbs to 20 lbs.

• Good quality waders with boat friendly soles (no studs allowed) are required for Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead to get in and out of boats. Studs are ok for Arctic Char.

• A rain coat, multiple layers for cold and windy days add to the anglers comfort and make for enjoyable long days on the water and protection against the elements.

• Biting bugs in the early part of the season can be plentiful so pack some insect repellent.

• An inflatable fly vest or suspenders are a good substitute to a bulky life jacket and should be worn at all times on the water.

• Personal gear is up to you but you'll need a sleeping bag good to minus 15 degrees Celsius.

• All flies and tippet material are provided by your guide but visit our fly shop:

for specific Salmon, Char and Steelhead flies if you prefer to purchase your own.


• Contact us for a custonized rate quote spefic for all your travel needs and landed costs for the camps and fly fishing.

• Not included in your quote - alcohol beverages and tips.


The following applies to all trips booked and organized by Breakaway Classic Adventures:

50% deposit per rod of the total package cost for each trip is due at time of booking to secure the trip reservation.

Full payment is due 60 days prior to departure and start of trip.


Trip packages are non-refundable, it is highly recommended that you purchase trip insurance in the event that you have to cancel, for any reason.


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