Norlakes Steelhead Camp
Norlakes Steelhead Camp
Norlakes Steelhead Camp

Norlakes Steelhead Camp
Babine River, Canada

"In 1965, Babine Norlakes Steelhead camp began a long-standing reputation of astounding the most afflicted of anglers known to have “Steelhead fever”. Words cannot describe the magic and power of Steelheading on perhaps the best Steelhead river in the world. We are located in northern British Columbia on the Babine River which is part of the Skeena River watershed.

The Babine River is world famous for its world record size steelhead in the Class A Provincial Park called the Babine River Corridor Park. During the fall steelhead season, anglers access the river through our Steelhead Camp."
Babine Norlakes

"Quite possibly the best Steelhead river on the planet"
Lani Waller


We offer accommodation and guiding for steelhead at our Steelhead Camp. Our operation is located on trophy properties with access to BC’s finest trophy steelhead and trout fly fishing.

Smithers, British Columbia is where our packages begin and end but our camp is boat access only with prior reservations needed prior to your arrival.

Your day begins with a knock on your door around 7:00am. After breakfast waders are pulled on, jet boats are warmed up and you are usually fishing by 8:00 am. Since we have awesome pools right out the front door there is no reason to hit the river at dawn. As we have over 15 miles with more than 75 runs there is very little fishing pressure on our waters. If water temperature is between 45 and 55 degrees we like to start with dry flies; unlike most Steelhead rivers the Babine will produce on dries all day long. Wet flies produce in all temperature ranges.

Trip Dates: Booking for 2019 Call for dates and availability!

TRIP INCLUDES: Round-trip flight between Smithers, BC and Norlakes Steelhead Camp, 9 to 9 1/2 hours fishing per day, a guide per 3-4 anglers, accommodation at the camp and meals.

LODGING:Accommodation in the base camp includes a main lodge building, five guest cabins, each of the guest cabins provides accommodation for two guests. The camp has a shower facility, outdoor heads and the guests cabins are complete with temperature regulated oil heaters and full bedding including sheets and duvets. Our housekeeper cleans the cabins and camp daily.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Breakfast is served between 7:00 and 7:30am. It includes healthy foods cooked to order. A full time chef is on hand to provide exceptional meals each week with home made baking, and desserts. We take pride in offering locally grown products.

TRIP LENGTH: 6-1/2 days of Fly fishing for Steelhead and 6 nights accommodations.


• Babine Steelhead will also require spey rods in the 8-10 wt class and 13'-15' in length. Remember the longer the rod the easier to control the fish and land it quickly. Don't forget a couple of single hand 10' 7 -8 wt rods for dry fly fishing and dead drifting nymphs.

• A quality reel with a smooth drag system is a must as is several hundred yards of 30 lb backing.

• A full guiver of shooting heads, sinking, intermediate and floating lines will all be used in different scenarios.

• Leaders and tippets range from 3' to 12' with a breaking strength of 10 lbs to 20 lbs.

• Good quality waders with boat friendly soles (no studs allowed).

• A rain proof wading jacket, multiple layers for cold and windy days add to the anglers comfort and make for enjoyable long days on the water and protection against the elements.

• Mosquito repellent may be necessary early in our season. We also have it available at the lodge.

• An inflatable fly vest or suspenders are a good substitute to a bulky life jacket and should be worn at all times on the water.

• Personal gear is up to you but you'll need a good pair of hiking boots.

• All flies and tippet material are provided by your guide but visit our fly shop:

for specific Babine River Steelhead flies if you prefer to purchase your own.


• 6 1/2 Day, 6 night Pacific Steelhead Trip - Call for current pricing(taxes included)

• Not included - provincial fishing license, alcohol and tips.

• Rates are subject to change without notice.


The following applies to all trips booked and organized by Breakaway Classic Adventures:

50% deposit per rod of the total package cost for each trip is due at time of booking to secure the trip reservation.

Full payment is due 90 days prior to departure and start of trip.


Trip packages are non-refundable, it is highly recommended that you purchase trip insurance in the event that you have to cancel, for any reason.